Nadia Granata (a.k.a Bunny G) is a Toronto based freelance comic and manga artist and illustrator, who specializes in Anime Art Style.


Nadia first became interested in comic books through her brother, who is 18 1/2 years older then her and who grew up during the Bronze Age of Comics.  Comics were a way for her to identify with him and it was that shared love that sparked her deepening interest in sequential storytelling.

At the age of 7, she discovered the world of Anime and Manga through the popular Shojo anime, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon and from there, her love of the Eastern style of Comic books grew.

Unfortunately, throughout high school, her art style was often looked down upon and it caused her to steer away from her passion of drawing.  Nadia entered post-secondary and graduated from Humber College with her ECE (Early Childhood Education) in 2010.  She worked for two years as a Before and After school teacher. 

However, upon re-evaluating her life, she discovered that her passion for art and storytelling dominated her heart and she applied to Max the Mutt, College of Animation, Art and Design's Sequential program with dreams of becoming a comic illustrator.  She graduated from the program in 2015 and currently is working as a freelance artist and art teacher for children.